Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sharks and Volleyball

Today was a good day. Jaime needed help out on the reef on a coral study. That's basically an excuse to go snorkeling. Jaime actually needed to do work and can't go out alone so one of the Thai guys and I came along so he could work (we actually helped him clean the algae off of some labels). We went over to reef hotel which you can see in that old picture from a couple of days ago. They use that as a study site because all of the rusting steel (high iron) in the water makes a certain algae happy that can kill the coral when it blooms. We saw another shark today. It was a small gray reef shark that followed us around for a while. It was only about 3 1/2 feet long.
We had some good beach volleyball games tonight. It's really nice to have lights on our court. That's about it for today I guess.
This green sea turtle was next to cargo pier.
I'm just showing you that the weather isn't always nice here. This picture was taken a while ago, but today it rained hard on Sand Island. Since we were out snorkeling at the edge of the atoll, we had nice weather. We watched the rain from about 3 miles away.


Unknown said...

Hi Petey
Do you know Michael's email address? Oh lovely photos by the way. No they actually are. When I left that wheelbarrow chick hadn't hatched.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the photo of the turtle! I think they're great.

Pete Leary said...

Hi Kate, glad to see you made it home. I miss your help chainsawing, I don't miss your dopey practical jokes. Click on my name and email me and I'll give you Michael's email address. I won't post it for everyone.

And thanks for keeping up the comments Peggy.