Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sorry I'm Late

I know it's been 2 days since I posted but I'm back now. Friday night we had a going away party for the volunteers who left on the Saturday plane. One of them was my roommate and my other roommate is leaving this Friday so I'll have an empty house. It already seems different with 10 people gone. That was over 15% of our population. A few of them will be back after vacation though. The plane also brought me a nice package from my girlfriend Dasha full of good stuff. Thanks.
I didn't do much this weekend other than read. My roommate loaned me the new "Harry Potter" so I've had to get on it before he leaves. I might finish it tonight. Last night a few of us went out to see the Perseid meteor shower. It was nice not having much light pollution. We're going out again tonight for a while just for something to do.
Here's Kahi, my roommate who left yesterday.

Another scenery picture. This was taken from the little peninsula on the south side of the island. The dark blue water is outside the atoll and the light blue-green water is inside.


Peggy said...

How strong are the currents at the edge of the atol? It looks like a primo spot to dive! Do big bitey sharks lurk there?

Anonymous said...

yup the bombin' master has left.
the real hawaiians have gone.
it's you ducks,birds and turds.
keep it postin'
yah boi!

Pete Leary said...

Yes Peggy, there are lots of big bitey sharks out there. At least most of them stay out there, especially because all the fledgling albatross are gone.

Hey Kahi, keep checking the blog, and nice work cleaning the bathroom before you left!