Friday, August 24, 2007

Weeds and Seeds

This morning I planted about 1,000 peat pots with the bunchgrass seeds we picked up over on Eastern Island. Greg and I also spread a lot of seeds all over a big sandy area by the seaplane hangar so we'll see if any comes up there. We also sprayed verbesina today, like every day.

We banded 4 new tropic bird chicks today. They have to be just about ready to fledge before we band them so they'll be likely to survive and the band won't fall off their tiny legs. When they look like the two from yesterday's picture they are old enough. While we were checking the tropic bird plot, Greg spotted a big glass ball floating in the harbor. It was a 10" diameter green one. We had to fish it out of the harbor with a long boat hook. We also had to duct tape a long stick to the end since it was about 15 ft out.

The greenhouse is pretty much like any other. I've been spending a lot of time here lately.

This is out behind the greenhouse. That's a white tern chick on the wheelbarrow. The adults lay their eggs just about anywhere that an egg will not fall off of and when it hatches, the chick sits there until it fledges. I guess we won't be using this wheelbarrow for a month or so.

A scenery picture from cargo pier.


Peggy said...

Man! Two of my favourite environments, the greenhouse and the sea.

Those little white terns are everywhere! Good thing they're cute.

I would like to see some before and after photos of where you've been clearing, spraying and using the chainsaw. Have you got any of those? Failing that, I request more photos of turtles and stuff in the sea. Thanks a million. ;-)

Pete Leary said...

I'll try to take some pics of the landscape tomorrow if the weather is nice. Thanks for your comments.