Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Day of Rain

I guess we're getting into the rainy season since it's the 4th day in a row. We didn't do any chainsawing in the rain either. I got some more office work done and we went out in the rain to transplant some morning glories into some sandy areas that we cleared. At least they won't dry out.
I also went out to check up on the red-tailed tropicbirds. There hasn't been any new nests for over a month so I think all the chicks will be gone in a couple weeks. I saw a few seals hanging out on the boat ramp and the beach in front of the Clipper House tonight at supper. So there's still things to look at even in the rain. I don't take pictures much in the rain because it will ruin my camera, so here's some from a few days ago.
This is where the Green sea turtle nest is, behind the orange stakes.
A black noddy is sitting on the rocks.

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Gorgeous photo of the Black Noddy. What beautiful birds!