Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to work

Today I had to tie up a few loose ends from my shopping in Honolulu. I had to get back to the vinyl fence company. I got an estimate for a gooney bird fence. It was kind of funny when I went there because they couldn't understand why I only needed a 2 foot fence. I told them it was just to keep the gooney birds out since they walk instead of fly. I think they understand?

I also finally got to mow some verbesina with the John Deere tractor. There's a lot more job satisfaction when you mow that stuff down versus spraying it and watching it wilt for a week or two before it dies. We have to be careful not to mow over any Bonin petrels or Laysan ducks, but when you have a bunch of acres of weeds, this is the most efficient way of getting rid of them.

One of these days I'll show you some pictures of the mowing so you have an idea of what's up. My pictures today are still some catch up ones from my underwater camera and one back on Oahu.
The spinner dolphins are keeping us company on our boat trip over to Eastern Island. That orange corner is the side of our boat. It's funny because they only like it when you go fast. They get bored if you are too slow. There were about 120 of them this day.
This is some kind of moray eel in the purple coral. In case you don't remember, a few weeks ago we had a medevac for a guy from a ship (Ziggy the filmographer, his picture is back in the archives if you want to see) who got bit by one of these guys (a little bigger than this one).
For those of you who've been to Oahu before, this is the big rock out in Waimea Bay. Back when I lived there we used to jump off of this all the time. You'd hit the bottom, but not too hard. I have closer pictures of this but I thought the guy poling the surfboard was cool.

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Peggy said...

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie. . . . That's A Moray.

I don't know what kind of moray - they come in a wide range of colours and sizes, but it's a moray. Incidentally, they are really not agressive, unless there is a rare Laysan Moray that I didn't know about that is agressive, in which case, I've got that wrong.