Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chainsaw Thursday again

We got rid of a few more ironwood trees on Radar Hill. I think the albatross will like their new nesting spot. There's one dead adult albatross hanging from a tree, which shows you why we are getting rid of them. Most of the birds pay enough attention to not fly into the trees, but not all of them I guess.

We got a lot of mowing done today, too. We did an area where there are broods of Laysan ducks so I got to run the tractor while Greg walked in front and checked to make sure there weren't any ducks hiding in the verbesina. It's pretty slow going. Normally you would think the tractor and mower would scare the ducks away, but they will come closer to see what the commotion is, so we have to be really careful near our ponds. Today while I was chainsawing near the Radar Hill pond, the ducks were coming closer to watch me cutting down the trees.

I didn't take any pictures today so here's some that I took last week.

Here's our fuel pier. I took this one just to show the shades of blue

Here's another one just for color.

This is one of our construction projects going on right now. This building is replacing our huge old hangar. This building is about 1/10 the size, but it's all we need. Those buildings behind used to be baracks for the Marines stationed here.

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