Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Nice Day on Midway

I did pretty much the same thing I did yesterday, spray weeds and mow part of the big field near the seaplane hangar, but it was still great. I love being outside and actually doing productive work where you can see the results. I've never been much of a paperwork person and I hope I never will be.
Tonight we had a few really good games of beach volleyball. It was a lot of fun. Every night before we play, we have to go check the turtle nest to see if they are hatching yet. If they are hatching, we have to quit the volleyball for the evening because the baby turtles will head toward the light instead of the ocean. It's a couple hundred yards away, but since this is the first ever recorded Green Sea Turtle nest on Sand Island, we'd like to make sure it goes ok for the little guys (and gals).
This is where the turtle nest is. It was at my feet while I took this (no, I wasn't stepping in it). You can't tell it's there since they cover it back up with sand, but we saw the adult's tracks up there and back, and a large depression, so we're assuming it's a good nest. That's our native morning glory plant creeping out onto the beach. You'd see the nice purple flowers if the picture was bigger.
I took a few pictures of the 4 cable houses from the early 1900's. As you can see they aren't doing too well. They probably won't last much longer so I have to get pictures while I still can.
This was the cook's quarters for the cable houses. We've been getting rid of the verbesina here for a long time so there's very few plants of any kind left around. All those dead stalks were verbesina. More native ones are coming back now, so in only a year or two, it will be all native plants.

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