Saturday, September 1, 2007

Labor Day Party

Today we had our Labor Day Party. It was pouring rain out today so I'm glad we had it inside at the All Hands Club. The band played and we had grilled burgers and hotdogs, ribs, potato salad and the usual other things. We had another pool tournament and I lost in the second round this time. I lost the first round last time, so at this rate I should be able to win in about 5 more tournaments.
I think I'm about ready to go back to Honolulu tomorrow. I don't have that much stuff here so I doubt if I'll forget anything. I'm not sure of my schedule and I'm not sure if the bunkhouse that I'll be staying at has internet, but I will bring my computer and try to keep up the blogs. If I can't, then I'll be back to Midway on Friday (knock on wood).
Two red-footed boobies are sitting on a sea grape branch.
Another white tern.


Peggy said...

Hey Pete that last white tern photo is a real "the dove from above" sort of photo! I bet it would be great to use on your Midway Island Christmas cards.

Have fun on larger islands.

Klabacka said...

I'm totally interested in watching your training on heavy equipment. Pete, my name is Matt Klabacka and I am the executive director for the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, I would like to send you some training material for your use and I am very interested in watching you learn the backhoe. We have textbook I would like to send to you free of charge along with some videos on how to operate some light duty heavy equipment, like skid steer bobcat, and others. Very cool. You are the idol of many us back here stateside. WOW! keep it up and keep posting to your blog.

PS I want your permission to send your blog to I think they will want to pick up on this and possibly do a story on you. Would this meet with your permission?

Pete Leary said...

Thanks Peggy, that's a great idea about the Christmas cards.

And thanks Matt, training material would be great. Also you can pass on my blog address to anyone else, that goes for anyone else too who may want to pass the blog along.