Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chainsawing and Mowing

It was Thursday so that meant more chainsawing of ironwood trees on Radar Hill. It's going a lot slower with only 3 of us. I finally got to cut down the tree that I had been leaving alone since it had a tropic bird chick under it. The chick finally fledged so it's gone. You can see that tree in my last pictures of the trees on Radar Hill from a few weeks ago.
I did some more mowing this morning. It will be great if we can keep that field clear for the birds.
Here's some more pictures from my underwater camera.
This is a Spectacled Parrotfish
This is what it looks like out at the reef around the atoll. There are lots of tidal pools out there. The exposed area is really sharp, but the seals like to sleep on it anyway.


Peggy said...

Seals seem to get comfortable in the most unlikely places!

Wonderful parrot fish! I love the colours. It must have been very shallow water, the colours are very good. There are a couple of little guys just under the parrot fish too. I like finding little bits like that.

slune said...

where are more turtoises? maybe they all moved to cleveland cause i just saw couple of them in the horse shoe lake again. make the time run faster,ok?