Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dolphins and Turtles

I worked a little this morning on our native plant garden. The native plant garden is in the picture I put up a couple weeks ago of our office (with the whale skeleton). It was getting really overgrown with naupaka bushes and morning glory. Greg and I will have to go around the island to find some more examples of native plants to throw in there for people who visit the island.
While I was eating lunch a pod of dolphins swam out in front of the Clipper house. They were kind of lazy, so I went home and got my camera and rode out to the fuel pier and took some pictures while they swam under me. I didn't get great pictures because I had my 300 mm zoom and they were to close most of the time. I'll give you a couple that I got.

There was a turtle on the beach, so I took a picture of that also. Tonight's volleyball night so I'll check to make sure the turtle nest isn't hatching and then play volleyball.
The dolphins are swimming under the pier.
They just swam past.
Green sea trutle on the beach.

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Peggy said...

Excellent photos. You can get so close to those animals!