Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Albatross Rescue

Today was pretty interesting. This morning I was walking up on North Beach and I found another glass ball. Dana, one of the new volunteers, also found one (the rolling pin kind) on her first day here. The strong north wind has been bringing them in.

I went to check the LCM to make sure no albatrosses were stuck inside, but on my way past the seawall I found a hole about 2' X 6' that opened up to a big space about 5' X 18'. There were 4 albatrosses stuck down there and at least 20 dead ones (4 from this year and piles of feathers and bones). The hole wasn't really noticeable from anywhere, especially if the weeds were full grown. I just happened to walk by. I had to crawl down there and throw them out. Luckily, a group of people walked by doing a 5k and I could pass the birds to them. The only bad thing is now I have to get my tetanus shot again (it's been 11 years) since I got all scratched up by the rusty metal.

Tonight we're having a birthday party for Dana (a guy who works at the fuel farm, not the volunteer) and Jack (one of the Thai's that works at the power plant). The band is playing and there'll be cake.

I don't have any pictures of getting the stuck albatrosses out since I was in the hole. Our P.A., Mel, took some so maybe I'll get some later. I did take some duck pictures today so here's one. Jimmy is back on the island now so it's good to have the duck expert here to answer questions. He says this is a male that just happens to have a really white head. It normally gets whiter as they get older, but this is whiter than most.

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Peggy said...

Well done for noticing the hole! It could have just filled up with dead albatross!