Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Phones and Internet

Today was a lot less windy so we got some weed spraying in. We also found out that we are losing internet in our houses until next week. They are changing out our current satellite phone system and going with VOIP (internet phone). The satellite quality was pretty bad, so I hope this does a little better. They need to change the hardware for the phones and internet in the houses so it will probably be out until Tuesday. I probably won't have a chance to blog much, since I would have to do it at the internet cafe. So just check back in a few days, I'll post only if there is something extra interesting. Until then, here's a picture of a Laysan albatross and chick.


Peggy said...

I wonder if that little chick knows how important it is?

Didn't they try to "fix" your internet connections a few months ago?

Pete Leary said...

We lost it a few months ago for the satellite dish move, but they had to wait until the internet phones were ready before we got totally on the new system.

And I don't think that chick knows much of anything yet, but it's cute.