Saturday, June 9, 2007

First Night & Day

It's definitely different here. We had to land after dark because there's only a few birds flying around at night instead of the 100,000's by day. After I was briefed, I got issued my bicycle and flashlight and followed after John, my new boss, in his golf cart. We had to swerve through hundreds of petrels and albatrosses who think that the road is as good a place to sleep as any. They don't seem to mind us passing within inches of them though. And they will not move out of the way for bikes, people, or golf carts until you push them.

My house isn't bad for a 1950's style military place. I'll have two volunteers for roomies who are here for 3 fabulous unpaid months. Then I'll have the place to myself for 3 more months. I took some pictures with my new camera today. 1002 so far in about 8 hours and I've only seen about half of the island (I took a lot just to test out the camera and deleted a few hundred of them already). It's really beautiful here. I've already seen seals, turtles, and of course a bird or two.

The food is good so far and there is going to be a big BBQ for everyone tonight so I'll probably get to meet many of the other 65 people on the island.

There's only one beach people can use. The rest are for seals and turtles.

This is the sunflower plant that is taking over all of the nesting spots that I'll be trying to get rid of .

Two Tropicbirds.

My house is on the right.


Jack Eakman said...

Pete, I will continue to review your blogsite for updates.
65 people on the island?
I want to review the statistics on crime, relative wealth and political inclinations.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on completing your Masters!

Great shots of the fauna.

Looking forward to the further adventures of Pete@Midway.

Best wishes!

Sylvia said...

Heehee, crime? Where would you take your stolen goods away to? Where could you hide the body? How long could you keep your criminal intent hidden. I can't help but suspect the answer is "non-existent with the exception of the occasional fist fight"

Neat stuff, glad I found you ;)