Friday, June 22, 2007

Hard work

Another day of getting rid of verbesina and chainsawing ironwood trees. Those trees are really hard to saw through, plus you have to clear out all of the albatross chicks before the tree falls. I don't have any new pictures since it's been unseasonably rainy. So I'll go back into my 4,000 picture archive that I have taken since I've been here for 2 weeks to make it more interesting. I promised mom that I wouldn't start giving boring details of my days so at least a picture is a little better.
Here's another beach picture.
I got a comment about someone liking tropic birds, so here's another one with a chick.


entoto said...

Thanks for the tropical birds. I stumbled on your blog and am fascinated. It is a nice contrast from the north country.

What is your job? Who do you work for (like NOAA, USGS, etc).

entoto said...

Also, what time zone are you in? Are you on Hawaiian time? Across the date line?

Peggy said...

This is such a good gazette from the Midway Islands!

I loved the photos of the manta rays and white tipped sharks. I see that you've been doing some snorkeling. Are there any divers on the island? (I'm a recreational diver)

The white terns are so lovely. I hope their temperament is as delicate as their appearance.

Are you there as a volunteer? Doing research? Journalism?