Thursday, June 21, 2007


I finally got to play some soccer today. We played in the gym after a few games of volleyball. We played in the gym because it's still raining and also there is nowhere else on the island that doesn't have birds or holes dug by petrels. I'm glad that the 65 people on the island like to do some exercise.
Today we also got rid of a bunch of weeds, counted tropic birds, chicks, and eggs, and I got all of my admin paperwork done so I officially work here.

The albatrosses are losing their down and getting nice hairdos.

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Laura W. said...

Hi Pete,
I spent three months on Tern Island in 1993 and your blog brings back lots of memories! Of course, our island wasn't nearly as large but the birds, seal, and nutty volunteers were the same.
I'll keep reading and looking forward to more the tropicbirds! Too bad you can't replicate the sounds and smells on a blog.
Laura W.