Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Plane Night

The night the planes come in is a big night on Midway since that's why most of the people are on this island (to maintain the airfield). Tonight's flight brought a construction crew to build a new airport building. People also go to say goodbye to anyone leaving the island, plus it's when the mail comes.

Earlier today a couple of us went to Spit Island and Eastern Island. Greg and I went to spray verbesina, Leona went to count monk seals, and Jimmy went to check the Laysan ducks. It's a nice little boat ride that only takes a few minutes. Here's a few pictures from over there.

Here's some Laysan ducks which were just hatched a month or two ago. Laysan ducks are on the critically endangered list since they only exist on Laysan Island and Midway. They were brought to Midway in case a catastrophe happens on Laysan Island. The population was down to between 7 and 11 birds in 1911.

Here's a Sooty tern watching its egg.

Here's Greg being followed by a couple hundred Sooty terns to make sure he doesn't squash the eggs they laid on the old runway.

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Peggy said...

Let's hear it for Laysan ducks! C'mon guys, keep breeding!

What are you spraying on the weeds? Are you allowed to use a glyphosate based weed killer?