Wednesday, August 1, 2007

White Tern

Last night I got a haircut from our undertaker (the guy who collects all the dead birds in town and carts them off to another part of the island so it doesn't smell so bad in town and bring the flies). He did a pretty good job and only charges $3.00 so it's not bad.

Today I pretty much just went around and identified plants around the island to know good weed spraying spots vs. spots we have to pull by hand. There wasn't much news around here either. So I guess I'll just leave you with one white tern picture.


Laura P said...

Hey Pete! Did I tell you I love your blog? I think you should post a picture of you with your new haircut :-). Take care!

Pete Leary said...

We'll see if I can get someone to take one while I'm doing something interesting.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the white tern. It looks like he is looking directly at you!