Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cinderblocks, Hot Peppers, and Sharks

I'm trying out new titles to see if it catches your attention. Today was pretty good, after finishing up some online training, I went out and cleared some verbesina and wild poinsiettas from around an old gun emplacement from WWII. I never knew it was there until we cleared it. So there's a picture of that for today.
This afternoon I went out to help the coral reefers with some stuff and also to do a marine survey to look for nets and other problems. Kristen is trying to figure out a Ph.D project so today she wanted to see if there are any pearl oysters within the atoll. Here's where the cinderblocks come in. We threw some cinderblocks off the boat with black fabric floating a few feet above it, and in a couple weeks they'll collect them and see if any baby oysters are there. We would jump in and check them out after we threw them in and that's where the shark comes in. I jumped off the boat and a shark came over to see if I was worth eating. It was about 5 feet long so I wasn't too worried about it. I tried to get a good picture of it coming at me but I forgot to wind my camera after the last shot, so I only got one of it going away from me. It was about 3 feet away so it would have been a good shot and I could have told you all that it was bigger. It will be a while before that's developed though so tune in later for a picture. I also got a nice picture of a moray eel. So overall it was a very interesting day. Did I tell you I still love it here?

This is the old gun emplacement that Greg and I cleared. The inside was full of poinsiettas too.

Here's where the hot peppers come in. I was pulling weeds in the banana orchard or grove or whatever you call it, when I found they had hot pepper plants growing everywhere. Of course I had to munch on a few and since it's right on the way to the office in the morning, I'll have to stop there to get a morning kick. It wakes you up more than coffee.

Here's some bananas that will be ready pretty soon. We also got some coconuts and ate one today.


Peggy said...

The centre of the gun embankment looks like a sundial.

5 feel long is still big enough to raise the pulse rate! Do you know what sort of shark it was?

You eat raw chilis? I'm impressed. I have such a midwestern palate and wouldn't even eat a raw one on a bet!

Pete Leary said...

5 ft isn't very big considering their tail is 1 ft of it. I wasn't worried about it at all even though it was really close. We learned how to deal with sharks in Navy Dive School too so since I wasn't scared of it, it didn't think I was food.
And, I love raw chili's. It's great to feel your food as well as taste it.