Sunday, July 22, 2007

Busy Day Yesterday

Sorry there was no post yesterday but there was a lot going on here. 2 ships pulled in within 2 hours of each other. The Coast Guard ship is called the "Kukui" and the NOAA ship is called the "Hi'Ialakai". The Kukui is here to maintain our buoys and the NOAA ship was here doing some moray eel research and to drop off a few people that I think were on either Lisianski or Kure Atoll. They also dropped off another person needing medical attention. He was filming the eels being released back into the water after being measured. He had one foot over the side of the boat and the eel wanted some revenge so it swam around under the boat and bit him pretty badly. He is bummed because he's not done filming but hopefully he won't have any permanent damage to his foot. Here's a picture I found of the type of eel that bit him:
Both ships stayed overnight and the Hi'ialakai left today. The Hi'ialakai crew treated some of us to a BBQ out on the pier so that was nice. Their crew has a lot of ex-Navy guys on it and one of the guys actually was on a submarine doing nuclear power like I did (He was an Electronics Tech and I was a Machinist Mate). It was cool trading stories with those guys since I'm the only Navy vet on the island. People from both ships and the island people all hung out chatting until about 2 in the morning so that's why there was no post.

The Kukui.

The Hi'Ialakai.

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Peggy said...

That's a shame that he was bitten. Eels can pack a nasty bite. We're always happy to see them when we're diving but never go so far as to TOUCH them. It's their neighbourhood, not ours. I'm going to be posting some of our moray eel photos soon. None got to the size of that monster you linked to.