Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here's a few pictures for former visitors

Today was a typical lazy Saturday on Midway. I didn't do a lot. I read some of my book, went and jumped off cargo pier a few times to cool off, then played beach volleyball at sunset. We have lights so it's nice to play when it's a little cooler.
Lately I've been getting emails from people who have actually been out here. So today I'll post a few pictures of some of the buildings that are still here. Many of them were torn down when the Navy left. Many buildings aren't being used right now because there's only around 70 people here. Once we start getting visitors again, maybe we'll have to get some of these back in shape.

These are the houses across the street from mine. Mostly the Thai's working on the island live here.

This is the back of the main hangar. Our tennis court is under there so we can play in the rain too.

This used to be the galley. We don't use it for anything anymore because it's too big for us.

There were many old barracks with this same design when the Navy was here. I think there are only 6 still standing.

Here's our gym. Here's where all the indoor volleyball and basketball games are. You have to watch your step in some places because the termites have eaten a lot of the hard wood floors. That's not really a high spending priority since this is a wildlife refuge. There are people who've been out here for years so it's nice to have a little recreation.

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