Saturday, July 14, 2007

Coast Guard Plane

We had a Coast Guard plane come in today to pick up the person from the ship with appendicitis. It was something different so everyone goes to check it out. The Coast Guard guys were throwing around a football when they got off the plane. We tried to buy it from them since we don't have a football on the island, but they said it wasn't theirs so they couldn't sell it, but they'd bring an extra one next time.

It was another warm day and a nice day for pictures. Tonight we are going to the pier again just to hang out and look at the stars. I had to review a skymap so I can find my constellations tonight. I'll keep this shorter tonight since I wrote a bunch last night, so here's some pics from today.
Our small boat had to go out to the ship to pick up the medevac person.
Coast guard plane landing.
Now it's getting ready to take off again.

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