Friday, July 20, 2007

No plane today

Today we were expecting a plane, which was bringing a few people and taking away 7 people. They had problems with their GPS so they couldn't come (I don't know why they need that anyway, the pilots know where we are). The plane won't come until at least Wed. now which messes up a lot of schedules, especially for the volunteers that were here for 2 weeks that needed to be back at work on Monday. I think the people that are stuck here don't mind but the people that were supposed to be here probably don't like it so much. At least nobody stresses over that stuff around here.
A couple of the Blackfoots that we tagged are flying around now. I think that website will be more interesting in a few days when the birds get farther away.
One of the ways people keep busy around here is to mess with other people's bikes. For example, here's Jimmy's bike:

You've got to do something with all the marine debris from the beaches.

Here's the little glass ball I found on the beach last week (not that interesting of a picture, but at least it's not another bird, right?) It's about the size of a tennis ball.


Anonymous said...

The little glass ball in your photograph is a rarity I believe. It is probably Japanese in origin and was use as a float on a net. We used to find these and larger ones on the beaches in Northern California.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so lucky to have found that. I love your blog!

Unknown said...


Will be able to keep your fishball when you leave?

I have 32 fishbals from my stay at Midway. From the size of a golf ball to larger than a basketball. I have a large one that still has the net on it.

Pete Leary said...

I don't know yet if we can keep them. This is a historical monument and a wildlife refuge, however it is just trash so we'll see.