Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Bird Transmitters

We put 6 more transmitters on birds today. Here's the website that will track the birds again: The one we did yesterday is already flying around and you can see it by looking at the live feed links.

You can see why we have to clean up the beaches every now and then. We let one of the birds go here. (My roommate brought the soccer ball home, since it's in decent shape.) The big round things are fishing net floats, they used to be made of glass, now it's just hard plastic. I found a little glass ball on the beach last week about the size of a tennis ball. People find the glass ones about once every 2 weeks.

Here's another bird that we put a transmitter on that you can track either today or tomorrow.

We barely caught this one in time before it decided it was time to leave.

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