Saturday, July 7, 2007

One month

I've been here for 4 weeks now and I still think it's alright here. I even went to a science talk last night. It was about baby reef fish and what kind of habitat they live in. All the little fish look the same, black and beige striped. The guys here from NOAA (See previous post for abbreviation) just count 2 cm fish all day long and mark down which kind of coral they are in.

Today was very warm. I'm sure I sweated off at least 5 lbs. while I was spraying weeds and chainsawing ironwoods. When we were done I just rode my bike right from work and jumped in the ocean to cool off and to clean all the sawdust off me. It was really nice.

Tonight a plane came and dropped off some people and mail and 13 people left the island. The next plane won't be here for 2 more weeks so no mail or supplies until then. I'm running out of new and different pictures to show, so I'll just steal this satellite shot of the islands. I'm on Sand Island which is the big island on the left (~1200 acres), spit island is the tiny one (~15 acres) and Eastern island has the abandoned runway and I think is 3oo and some acres.

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