Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good Sunday

It was a pretty relaxing day today. A few of us took the kayaks out and the dolphins came over to investigate us. They were swimming all around the kayaks for about 15 minutes, but if we weren't moving, they'd lose interest and swim away so we had to keep paddling. We saw quite a few green sea turtles while we were out too. The only seal we saw was sleeping over on the old seaplane ramp, but overall we saw a lot of animals today. I played some frisbee on the beach after kayaking, then this evening went bowling. So nothing too exciting, but a good day. Now here's a few pictures for you.
This is a common site. A Laysan albatross is deciding whether or not it's ready to get in the water yet.

Kate (the volunteer from New Zealand) found a dead albatross and this is probably the reason why. There was 240 g of plastic and the birds only weigh about 2.5 kilograms when they're young. This one probably didn't have much room in its stomach for food and probably starved to death even with a full belly. There are 7 bottle caps, a lighter, a plastic fork, a toy car wheel, fishing line and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Peggy said...

That poor albatross!

Man! I hate plastic more and more each passing day. There is no getting away from the stuff!

Anonymous said...

I watched a program on animal planet that had this very problem on it, and on Midway. A woman walked around and picked up all the trash that was formerly inside an albatross stomach, but was now on the ground surrounded by the remains of the bird. She collected trash for an hour, then spread it all out and the amount was unreal. Lighters, golf balls, toothbrushes, ink cartridges, anything you could imagine. So sad.