Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Guess what, no connection yesterday!

I really don't have to post everyday, do I? The connection here is poor at night because I think that's when a lot of people watch their internet TV and download stuff.

Yesterday was pretty cool. I sprayed weeds in the morning and in the afternoon it was marine debris pickup. We went out snorkeling to get rid of more nets and junk that will tangle up the turtles and seals or wreck the coral. We found a lot of stuff. 2 people came along to do a seal survey along the atoll wall and found 3 of them. I saw a lot of fish and swam through a big crack in the reef to the outside of the atoll. The water was pretty cold but it was really clear. It felt like a hot tub coming back into the atoll. We also had a trio of dolphins swimming in front of the boat and passed over 5 big manta rays swimming together.

Today I sprayed more weeds and in the afternoon did a beach debris pickup. We collected all kinds of glass, plastic, and other kinds of junk. We picked up a lot of fishing floats for nets. They used to be glass, but now are hard plastic. Almost all of the junk we find is from Japan. There must be a good current carrying their trash here.
The volunteers are picking up the debris on Turtle beach.
A naupaka plant on North Beach.

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