Monday, July 16, 2007

6th Week (I think)

It's the start of my 6th week here, and I still like it. I'm getting used to everything so there's less interesting stuff to tell you about. Tonight a plane came in and from now on they'll land in the daylight since there are a lot fewer birds flying around now that the adult albatrosses aren't coming back much to feed the chicks. When they get hungry, they'll walk to the beach, jump in the water and either learn to fly quickly and get their own food or they drown. It's not so great for swimming right now and for the next couple weeks because there are a lot of drowned birds in the water. We save them when we can but there are thousands all around and they'll just go back in the water anyway. Here's a couple of random pictures, like our brand new fire truck.

Just kidding, this is our old one but it's still used to clear birds off of the runway.

Here's a random hibiscus flower just to brighten up the page a little.

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Laura W. said...

Are you seeing Tiger sharks gathering to prey on the albatross chicks that haven't quite learned to fly? I saw that several times when I was on Tern Island and it contributed to why we didn't go swimming too much.....Laura