Saturday, July 7, 2007


I went snorkeling again today for the second time this week. It was a hot sunny day so it was perfect weather for being in the water. This time it was just for fun, unlike Wed. when we were relocating the pencil urchins. Today we left them alone. It was a calm day so we walked around on the edge of the atoll which was pretty interesting (we walked in our fins since we didn't bring shoes and the coral is really sharp, so I know how the goony birds feel with those big feet). I don't see quite as many kinds of fish as I used to in Hawaii, but there still are a lot of really colorful, beautiful fish, and most of the living coral is bright purple or green so it's really nice swimming around. I don't think I'll get my underwater pics from the disposable camera anytime soon to post the pictures.
Tonight I showed a DVD over at the theater. They just had a Monty Python "Holy Grail" night a week before I got here. I have Monty Python "Life of Brian" and we played that. For those of you who've seen it, now I'll be whistling "Bright side of Life" for the next couple days.
I stole this picture of a pencil urchin from

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