Monday, July 23, 2007

Another busy day

It was another busy day here. Before I talk about it though there are 2 pieces of news for you. One is that last summer the BBC was here doing a film mainly about the marine debris problem and they are airing it on Animal Planet for the next few days. I haven't seen it so I don't know how much of midway is on it but check it out (I wasn't here yet). Here are the times they gave me. I'm not sure which time zone they are for, but you can check your local listings.
7/24- 9 PM
7/25- 1 AM
7/28 12 PM
7/29 10 PM
7/30 2 AM
Next piece of news; for those of you who know me you know that I worked with Karl selling his paper made from elephant dung. For those who don't know me check it out, it helps the wild elephants in Sri Lanka and is a good gift. I guess they are going to feature a segment about it on "The View" this morning 7/24 at whatever time you get that show. If you miss it check out the segment on the web It's a good cause.
Ok, now for my busy day. Speaking of marine debris, that's what we did today. We went over to Spit Island and Eastern Island and removed mainly nets and ropes and other entanglement hazards. Tomorrow I'll take a picture of the piles we got just the last 2 times we went over there. By the way, the person who sent the info about the BBC show said that thanks to this movie, there is a big movement to reduce plastic. One problem with that is that they are trying to fix it by getting rid of plastic bags. I have yet to see a single plastic bag wash up on the beach. Those aren't a marine debris problem. It's the bottles, bottle caps, lighters, and other little floating bits and the big plastic nets and ropes that are the problem. Plus you need more trees cut down for paper, more fuel used to ship paper, and more space so I hope people are aware that it's not as simple as it sounds. Anyway, back to my stuff. Remember my spider story from a couple weeks ago? Well today when we were throwing a pile of nets and rope into the boat. One of those big cane spiders about 4" across decided to jump on my back to keep from drowning. I took off my shirt and it went into the water but I still don't like those things that much. About 10 geckos also came out of the nets and climbed on me too, but they don't bite so I gave them a ride back to shore. All those things can swim anyway so don't worry about them.
We saw a bunch of monk seals today including one that just caught an octopus and was throwing it around and eating it. A pod of about 130 spinner dolphins came to play around the boat today too.
Right now I'm about to go to a movie made by Ziggy (the guy who got bit by the eel) who is a NOAA videographer. I guess it's about eels in the Red Sea. I'll let you know if it was good.

This is Ziggy and his eel bite.

Here's a monk seal who's mouth is all green probably from plants growing under the pier.

This is just a plain old Red-Tailed Tropic bird.

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