Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chainsaw Thursday again

It was "Chainsaw Thursday" again. It's still really warm but at least my muscles are used to the work now. I doubt if we'll have "Radar Hill" cleared by this fall (it's called Radar Hill because there used to be a radar station there). The trees are only a few years old so it could be worse. I did my usual after work thing, go jump in the ocean to get rid of the sawdust so I don't clog the washing machine.

Tonight I also took a tour of the Kukui (the coast guard ship). It's got a whole lot more room than I had back on the submarine. They are done with their work here so they'll be out of here tomorrow. They were busy all the time so they rarely made it out on the island. I've only

got one picture for tonight. Sorry, I'll work on it for tomorrow.The Kukui at sunset right after my tour.

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