Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Slowing down

Things are slowing down a little bit and it's gettin a little more routine. Today I sprayed a lot of verbesina. I've got a picture of the piles of nets for you that we've taken from Eastern Island.

Did anyone watch the Animal Planet show??? I'd like to hear how it was since we don't get that channel. We're wondering here if the plane will show up tomorrow to take all the people off that couldn't leave on Friday. There are 4 volunteers who are late getting back for their jobs so are kind of anxious to get back (but also kind of not). The videos that we watched last night were very interesting. Ziggy shot a lot of cool underwater animals. If any of you have been to Hawaii lately and seen a video on the plane or hotel about reef etiquette done by talking fish, it was the one he made. I'll give you a couple pictures now.
This is only the nets, ropes, and other entanglement hazards that we picked up on Eastern Island the last 2 trips. The boats barely stay above water but we make a good wake so the dolphins like it.

This is a hybrid between a Laysan Albatross and a Black-footed Albatross that we found when we were putting the satellite tags on. You can look at my previous pictures to compare the two.


Peggy said...

Does the video tell the tourists to keep their big fat backsides off the coral when they go out swimming, snorkeling and diving? I sure hope so! It really irks me when the coral gets touched. Its bad enough when that happens accidentaly!

Thanks for collecting all those nets off the beaches. They'll do nobody any good out there.

I saw a programme about albatross feeding their babies plastic lighters and the chicks dying of starvation as there is very little nutrition in plastic these days. It was a while ago so I don't know if it is the same one you're talking about.

Pete Leary said...

yes Peggy, the video does tell people to keep off the coral. That show about the albatrosses may be the same. I heard they show the birds with toothbrushes and lighters inside them. It's truly amazing how much stomach space the plastic takes up, which means the space can't be used by real food like squid or flying fish eggs. I would really be surprised if there were more than a few square yards of this island that didn't contain plastic thanks to the tons of it that the albatross bring back every season.