Monday, July 30, 2007

Satellite Birds

So today I looked at the progress of our satellite tagged albatrosses on and a couple of them have really gone a long way. One of the black-foots has gone about 1000 miles in the last week and one of the Laysans has gone almost as far with a late start. There aren't too many albatrosses left on the island and the rest should be gone in a week or two.
Today we went out looking for a native plant called "Ilima". It's in the Mallow family. There was only one left on the island and no one's been able to find it lately so it looks like it may be gone. If we want to re-establish it we'll have to take it from another island where there's plenty of it. There still could be some hiding somewhere so we'll have to look around a little more to see if there are any more plants left.

This is what the Ilima looks like from Lanai (picture from ) taken by Forest and Kim Starr.

Here's another beach picture just so you can see how nice it is here.

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Peggy said...

I have TOTAL beach envy!