Saturday, September 8, 2007

3 months

I've been here for 3 months as of yesterday (not counting that little trip to Honolulu last week) and I still think it's great out here. It's been really crowded here lately because of the barge that came in last Sunday with our new fuel tanks. There were over 90 people here, which is a lot more than our usual 70ish population. A couple of new people came in on the flight with me including someone else from North Dakota. That's actually a lot considering all of the people here are only from 6 states and Thailand.
I also rode in with a woman (so we're back up to 3 females on the island) from the University of Maine who'll be collecting insects. She's looking at insects relationships with certain plants. I hope she can prove the fire ants are bad so we can get some money to get rid of those little pests.
Today I took a look around and I noticed that the verbesina is coming back like crazy just in the week that I was gone. Greg was still working but there's too much for one person.
I'll give you a few pictures from my underwater camera. I think it must have been about 800 speed film because they came out a little grainy and all of my non-underwater pictures came out really bright. So you'll just have to deal with average pictures I guess.
This is the barge with our new fuel tanks.
There's a spinner dolphin swimming in front of Kate on the kayak. That grey spot behind Kate is just water on my lens.

I can't believe that I actually got a couple of underwater dolphin pictures. While they were swimming around me on the kayak I just stuck my camera underwater and snapped a few pictures. Too bad the water wasn't a little clearer, but not bad for about 20 feet away.

I think this is a Galapagos shark but it could be a grey reef shark also. I don't really know how to tell them apart yet. I took this one when I was out snorkeling by Reef Hotel.

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Peggy said...

Beautiful underwater shots! Perfect shark photo!

You mentioned somebody ELSE from North Dakota has turned up on the island. Does this mean that you're from ND originally?