Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Friday

I got some spraying of the weeds in this morning, and a little mowing this afternoon before the plane came in. We sent off our Fish & Wildlife managers and got a couple new coral reef people. Wendy came back with a new technician named Kate. I hope she' s not a practical joker like our last Kate was. They'll be here for 6 weeks. The weather is starting to get a little more windy and the ocean is getting a little rougher. So we'll see if they can get all their work done out on the reef.
Greg and I did some more banding of red tailed tropic birds today. We only have one chick left to band. It's still so small that the band will fall off of it's foot, so we'll get it in another couple weeks.
This weekend I'll actually get out and take some pictures of the new things going on around here and maybe the places that we cleared of weeds. But in the meantime, I'll give you some old pictures that are still new to you.

This is a picture of French Frigate Shoals from the airplane. It is mostly coral reef but the little tan spot on the right under the little cloud is Tern Island (that's where the people live). I know it's hard to see but it's really not that big.

These are a couple of spinner dolphins that were passing under me on the fuel pier.

Here's a seal that was born this year playing with one of our floats next to the dock.


Peggy said...

Those are great photos! I'm so pleased to see the monk seals on your blog so often as it is probably the only way I'll ever see one.

Laura W. said...

Hey, cool! That tiny Tern Island was my home for 3 months in 1993! Thanks for the photo.

Pete Leary said...

I tried to get a good Tern Island pic for you, but it was so far away. I'll give you one more that's a little better tomorrow.