Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dolphins and Seals

We just got a new boat recently so today we took it out to make sure everything was good with it. It is really nice compared to our other boats. We can use this one for emergencies as far as Kure Atoll which is about 90 miles away. Other than going around the atoll in the boat, I really didn't do a lot today, so I'll just give you a few pictures.
This is our new boat.
This weanling seal was being lazy on the boat ramp next to us.
The dolphins came to visit us again. I finally got a good dolphin picture after the 100's I've taken.


Peggy said...

The boat looks like the ones we use for diving over here. I think I'd like the warm, see-through water you've got to the freezing cold green soup that is over here.

The other dolphin photos you've take have been good too, but you got the timing right for that particular one. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I want what ever that seal is taking!!!!!!!!!!!!