Friday, September 14, 2007


Today was another day of mowing. We've got to get a lot done before the albatross start coming back at the end of October. When we spray the weeds, the dead stalks stick around for a couple months so it's better to mow it than spray.

There hasn't been much going on lately with new people on the island. I am learning a little more about insects though. Christy is the one collecting bugs from the verbesina and has been showing them to me and telling me about them. I didin't realize that so many kinds were here. One interesting one is called a Mealybug Destroyer, it's not as mean looking as it sounds. It's just a reverse colored ladybug, black with an orange head. I don't have any insect pictures since I don't have a good macro lens.
Here I am mowing the verbesina.

It's not very green after we mow, but the grass will come back. We'll have to keep spraying all the little plants that come up. That big square out there is a cement block with a manhole to get to an old drainage or water system. There are quite a few of them throughout the field and will wreck the mower if we hit them. You can't see them through the thick plants, so we drive with the tractor bucket down so it will hit first and we have time to stop.

Here's a turtle for you Dasha.

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Anonymous said...

Como estas Masca Huasca! Great pics Pete..keep up the good work...I hope I can go there one day! Carlos says Hi and Laura too! Pablo