Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nice Weekend

It was a nice weekend and it didn't rain until tonight. Yesterday, a bunch of us got together and worked on the mini-golf course. It was leftover from Navy days and in serious disrepair, so we patched up the concrete and we'll order green carpet for it. At least we'll have one more thing to do.
Here's a couple pictures that I took in the sun.
A few guys are working on the mini-golf course.
This is the old power plant building that was here during WWII.
This was an old communication building. Now they use it for fire training.


Peggy said...

The plants around the old communication building, is that the dreaded verbesina?

You have mini-golf!?! Our family is nuts for mini-golf! We have to find a course at each holiday destination for really fierce family competition.

Pete Leary said...

Yep, that's all verbesina. And we don't have mini-golf yet, but we should in the next month or two.