Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Plane Day and Volleyball

It was good to get our plane today since we've been out of fresh veggies for a while in our salad bar, we haven't even had lettuce for a while. That watermelon tasted pretty good tonight. We had some papaya from one of our trees here a couple of days ago and it was interesting. These were like eating pieces of carrot that tasted like tropical fruit, so they were good as long as you thought of it as fruity carrot.
I did more mowing and spraying today and am making good progress on those darn weeds. Tonight I just played some beach volleyball and talked to some of the FWS people that are visiting for a few days.
I think I've shown you this before but it was a view from shore. This used to be a water barge that would bring fresh water to the island. That was before it ran aground and now is just a wreck. It's pretty big. It sticks up about 20 or so feet out of the water. I took this when we were trying out our new boat.

I told you the white terns would nest anywhere. This one is just barely hanging on to the exposed reef about a foot above the water. I can't believe it didn't get washed away. This was on the northeastern edge of the reef about 3 miles from the island.

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Peggy said...

When I see where that tern is nesting, I think of natural selection. If it works, then we've got more brave (or stupid) white tern DNA being passed around. If it doesn't work then some bits of unsuccessful tern genes are removed from the pool.

Hang in there little white tern!