Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Radio Story

I had a good day today. I got some weed spraying in this morning followed by some more mowing with the tractor this afternoon. It was really warm and humid today, good thing I love that weather.
A couple of people told me that they heard my friend Jimmy Breeden on NPR last week including my dentist back in Honolulu. They did a story about him called, "The Bird Man of Midway Atoll". Here's the link if you'd like to read it or hear it. It's worth checking out.

This is "The Bird Man of Midway Atoll" jumping off of cargo pier.

These are a few of the Laysan Ducks that Jimmy studies.

I just thought I'd put a colorful Threadfin Butterflyfish up from my underwater camera.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog

Talking of radio, are there or have there been any radio amateurs on Midway whilst you've been there?

Now that the proposed Ecotourist program is news to many, i wonder if the opportunity to help out and play ham radio on Midway is a possibilty?

Do you know of amateur radio activity expected to take place?

Regards to you

Colin, Scotland, UK