Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Turtles and Seals

It was really windy and rainy today. We didn't get much work done but it was productive because Greg and I took a few of our supervisors from the Honolulu office around the island this morning to show them what our issues are with invasive species. At least they can see exactly what we're dealing with when they make their decisions there.
This afternoon we took them to Eastern island in the rain to show them what was going on over there. We saw a lot of seals resing on the beach and a couple turtles, too. I also counted 41 Laysan ducks at one of the ponds there. It was a good chance to see the status of the weeds and stuff over there.

Here's the group walking in the rain on Eastern Island.

The seals like to sleep next to things on the beach, this time it happened to be a turtle, who doesn't seem to care.


Peggy said...

Even on cloudy days, that place looks wonderful.

It looks like the turtle and the seal have been out all night, painting the town red and are going to wake up any minute and say, "Dude! How did we get here?"

Pete Leary said...

Funny Peggy!