Wednesday, May 28, 2008

66th Preparation

We are starting to get ready for the 66th aniversary of the Battle of Midway. We'll have a ceremony a week from today (Wednesday). There will be a Continental charter flight bringing out a bunch of people for the day. They will only be here about 8 hours, but it should be nice. I just missed it last year when they had about 2,000 people out here. A cruise ship pulled in as well as the flights. Greg and I have really been concentrating on spraying the town area to make it look good. We'll do a lot of hand pulling the weeds in the visible places too.

It was a perfect day today. I went for a swim at lunch and took this picture of Capt. Brooks' Tavern on the left and the Clipper House on the right.

A monk seal swam by just after I got out of the water.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete;
A friend turned me on to your site. I love your photo's.
I was stationed on Midway from July '72 to late December '73 as the Coast Guard Supply Liaison to Kure Island.
Your site sure brings back memories. I wish I could remember where my house was.
Chris Bradley

slune said...

I can't believe the color of the water! you should bring the ocean here, so you don't miss it and so I can enjoy it too! Dasa