Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Visitors

It was another beautiful weekend day. I took a couple more pictures. I took the suggestion from the comments and took some building pictures. I'll spread them out a little though.
The visitor groups are back again. I think there are about 13 on this trip. There will only be one more group after this for this season. The FWS wanted to kind of start slow and make sure everything goes alright.

Here's the "Parachute Building". I guess this is where they used to hang parachutes to prepare them. Now we use it for the recycling center.

This is the old machine shop. This building has a serious lead paint problem. A few people came out a couple of months ago to see what it would take to clean it up. That's why there's one little painted section. Someone came out last week to train the Chugach guys on lead paint removal, so sooner or later we'll get it cleaned up I hope. The albatross chicks around the buildings with lead paint die frequently from developmental problems.

Inside the machine shop there are the usual tools such as drill presses, saws, etc. I doubt if any of them are functional because they are very rusty. This picture shows a big lathe and a shark cage. I assume that's here from the days when people were allowed to scuba dive here. It's really interesting to check these places out.


Shammickite said...

Strange that all the buildings have been left to rot... including all the equipment inside them. Seems that some efforet could have been made to salvage some of it.

Peggy said...

Is scuba diving not allowed on Midway????

Pete Leary said...

The Fish & Wildlife service doesn't have a lot of money to spend on historical buildings, since they don't swim or fly. The Navy took most of the good equipment when they left, so it's amazing anything works at all.
Scuba diving is allowed for researchers, or if someone brought their own compressors out here. But the island residents and regular visitors can't do it.