Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Month Left

Eleven months gone and only one to go. It's gone really fast. I'm still loving it out here.
We did a lot more bird banding this morning. We are about 2/3 done with the Black-footed albatross and still have the Laysan albatross to go. Greg and I did a lot of spraying this afternoon today also.
Since it was a pretty calm day today, a few of us went snorkeling out by the water barge after work. It was the first time I had been out there, and it was a good spot. There was a lot of junk down there. There were anchors, pieces of boats, engines, and all kinds of other hiding spots for fish. We also saw a 4 ft Galapagos shark. Since it was little, there was nothing to worry about. It's a great spot.

I took this picture of an octopus and pencil urchins next to a nice piece of coral a few months ago. I didn't see any octopus today, but at least it's a picture what I see sometimes when snorkeling.


Peggy said...

Gosh, only one month left! Two things: I hope you found or will find a job back on the mainland and 2 I hope you keep blogging!

Will somebody take over the Midway Island verbesina update blog?

Kodak the Eskie said...

Wow, very cool snorkling spot and a great picture.

Mike said...

You need to get Greg set up with a Blogger account. That way I can keep up with his adventures and the world will be kept up to date on the Midway Island verbesina spraying.

M E Hughes said...

Enjoy reading your blog and learning more about Midway. Hope that someone continues to blog about Midway after you leave. Best of luck to you in finding a job back in Cleveland.