Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Day

It was a busy day today. We started out with a weed pull at the field where the Pan Am Hotel was. The visitors and volunteers came out and we got it all done. We then tried to get a big net off of the rocks by the fuel farm, but it was too heavy and it looks like we'll need some of the heavy equipment to pick it up. We wanted to get it out because a Coast Guard ship is coming in tomorrow morning to pick up all of our marine debris nets and ropes. The "Walnut", which is a buoy tender, is coming in for a day and will take the nets back to Honolulu.
And speaking of the Coast Guard, a medevac plane (C-130) is coming in tonight. A person was sick on a cargo ship and we went out and picked him up outside of the atoll a couple of hours ago. They'll take him to Honolulu tonight.
We also went through our big marine debris pile and separated out all of the ropes and lines, glass, metal, and plastic. It was sort of fun to go through all that junk and see what has washed up over the last 2 years.

The visitors are pulling the verbesina.

We needed the big telehandler forklift to sort through the net pile.

Here's me, Greg, Brent, and Dana.

This is the cargo ship waiting outside of the atoll for the Safeboat to get there. I took this picture next to the power plant looking south over the runway.

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