Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Short-tailed Albatross

A fourth short-tailed albatross was spotted over by the harbor. The other ones haven't been seen for a while though so it might not find them this year. It looks a little older than the other two sub-adults that were here. It would be nice if it returns in the fall.
We had another busy day of albatross banding and spraying verbesina. Again, we still have a lot to go on both fronts though.
For anyone who makes comments on my blog, I have made it a little more difficult. All you have to do is read a word and type it in. It will at least slow down those people who are posting SPAM comments. Anytime you see a comment with poor english and a link to something, it's probably garbage.
This is the new short-tail sitting in the trees by the harbor.


slune said...

He/she is beautiful! I hope he finds his other friends and stays in Midway area. D.

Peggy said...

Hooray for the Short Tailed Albatross! Just go tell him not to eat plastic or feed plastic to his/her children and we'll be on a winner!

M E Hughes said...

That's great that another Short-Tailed Albatross has been spotted! Hope that they find each other next year!