Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

This morning we had a little Memorial Day ceremony at the Navy Memorial. Barry read a message from The President, Darlene read a poem she wrote, and we had a moment of silence. Bob and Pong made a beautiful wreath and some leis for for the George Cannon memorial.
At 1:00 we started a patanque (pronounced patak) tournement. It is pretty much the same as bocce ball. It's 10:15 and still going on. Dave (airport manager) and I were partners and got knocked out at 8:30 so it was a good activity for the day.

Here is the wreath at the Navy memorial made from plumeria, hibiscus, spider lillies, and even a couple of verbesina flowers and castor bean seeds.

This is the George Cannon memorial. As I've said before, he was the first Marine in WWII to be awarded the Medal of Honor. He was killed Dec. 7, 1941 when a bomb bounced off another roof and came through the window (I've heard it's the one on the left in the picture). The 4 ft. thick roof probably would have stopped the bomb, but it was a lucky shot.

Barry is looking for his next shot at patanque.

The game is still going on with work lights and golf carts.


Shammickite said...

A good way to spend your Memorial Day holiday!

slune said...

The wreath is beautiful! Who won the turnament? D.

MidwayARFF said...

Hi Pete-

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