Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The patanque tournament went until 11:00 last night. Willie and "E" won. Next time we'll have to start early in the morning.

Two of the visitors here now are sisters and attended school on Midway between 1976 and 1978 so it's been fun to talk to them. We have a yearbook from 1976 that has pictures of them in 3rd and 10th grades. They have some great stories and have a lot of information about where things were. They are really glad to be back and they said they have been reading my blog, which prepared them for things like the school being torn down. They are also disappointed that there aren't seashells all over North Beach like there were back then. They are happy they have the chance to bring their families to the place that they have such great memories of.

This white tern was sitting near the harbor waiting to feed its chick.

I left for about 30 minutes and found another tern (or maybe the same one) in the same spot with another meal for its chick. This is a little cuttlefish or squid.