Saturday, May 17, 2008

Plane Night

Another week and another new bunch of people. The bug guys, marine debris gals, Ben, Alex, and Kristin all left, and Dave, two volunteers who will be going to Laysan & Tern Islands next week, and the new hydroponic gardener from Thailand all came in. For being such a remote island, we get a lot of activity.
We've been seeing Laysan ducks everywhere lately. A pair of ducks followed me around for about 20 minutes today while I was walking through the field. I even walked faster, and took a few turns to see if I could lose them, but they kept up. I don't know what they were expecting, or why I was so interesting to them, but it's great to see that this endangered species is doing so well. Normally, the endangered species etiquette is to stay 150 ft. away, so maybe these ducks were just trying to get me in trouble for being too close.
I took this picture a while ago, but since I talked about the ducks, I'll give you a picture of them. These two were on Eastern Island.

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