Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eastern Island and Chainsaw Thursday

This morning we went over to Eastern Island to plant some bunchgrass and to get some cyperus to plant back on Sand Island. We also got some more verbesina pulled at the sunset seep. There is still a lot more to go though.

We had Chainsaw Thursday this afternoon. At least until it started raining on us. Since there are no visitors to show around, Murray came out to help. Even Ben (airport manager) came out to do some work. Radar Hill is now clear of castor beans and haole koa also and it'll be on to Mt. Bart.

Kristin and Dana are planting some bunch grass on one of the revetments that used to protect aircraft, fuel, or other important things on Eastern Island. Now, the ducks like to nest on high ground, so in another year or so it may be thick enough for them.

John is digging out a clump of cyperus from the sunset seep.

A sooty tern is taking a drink.

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Kodak the Eskie said...

Very cool pic of the sooty!