Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Bird Pictures

Although today was cloudy, I went out to take some pictures. I saw the usual seals, turtles, and birds. Another nice day. I saw a pair of ducks with 3 ducklings in one of the ponds (Brackish Pond for those of you who know the island). I found a dead duckling today, too. We send off the dead ducks (since they are an endangered species) to see why they died to make sure it isn't something that may become a problem for the other ducks.
Here are the ducklings at brackish pond.

Here is a white tern family. This is the chick I showed you a few days ago with the good parent. There are a lot of chicks around right now. There are white terns, Laysan albatrosses, Black-footed albatrosses, red-tailed tropic birds, and Bonin petrels. Soon there will be wedge-tailed shearwaters, brown noddies, frigate birds, and red-footed boobies also.

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